Space Peptides / a SPACE PHARMACEUTICALS company

Peptide synthesis technologies

1. Fully-automated solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS)

2. Fragment liquid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS)​

3. Continuous Flow

Either SPPS or Fragment LPPS technologies can be produced in continuous flow depending on the project necessity

Increase of 15% in overall productivity and significant cost reduction (e.g., cost reduction of USD 200’000/kg Ligarutide) 

Space Peptides actively invest in R&D and in introducing innovative new technologies and methodologies to peptide synthesis. 

MegaPep Peptide Synthesis Technology

We are the first peptide manufacturing company that performs commercial scale peptide synthesis at elevated temperature, despite solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) being harder to perform at this condition due to several technical reasons. Thus, Space Peptides scientists designed and developed special peptide synthesizers with a unique technology, enabling them to perform commercial scale synthesis at elevated temperature, and in this way enhancing the deprotection and coupling reactions used in each SPPS cycle. Overall, the MegaPep method allows for high quality peptide synthesis within a shorter period of time through improved yields, high purity and shorter reaction times.

Advantages of MegaPep Technology includes:

  • Higher yields and extreme pure crudes
  • Rapid synthesis
  • Superior cost-effectiveness


ElitePep Peptide Synthesis Technology

ElitePep is a novel coupling methodology involving novel cocktails discovered by Space Peptides scientists for amide bond formation at elevated temperature. This method increases yields as well as significantly reduces coupling time and racemization. The new cocktail is especially helpful in the synthesis of peptides containing difficult to couple amino acid residues such as Arginine.

In addition, our scientists also designed new deprotection cocktails, allowing efficient Fmoc deprotection under high temperature while suppressing Aspartimide and Glutarimide formation.